I make jewelry and each piece is uniquely crafted. Of course I use beads (mostly stone or crystal) to accent or highlight the uniqueness of the piece that has been handcrafted. I have handmade the primary focal point of each necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings using a variety of medium, such as metal, wood and glass and a variety of methods. My methods include wood carving, metal smithing, metal etching, fusing glass, enameling, kiln firing precious metal clay, inlaying tiny tiles and pieces of glass in a mosaic fashion.

As you view my gallery you will see hand carved walnut, purple heart, ebony and juniper creating pendants for necklaces. I love working with wood and was carving many years before I was making jewelry. Combining the two has been a highlight for me.

Another favorite process of mine is working with copper. I love to make jewelry using copper incorporating a variety of techniques such as hammering, etching and stamping. Copper cuffs and bracelets are very trendy as a fashion jewelry piece. Each of my bracelets has been hammered and shaped in my studio.

Fused glass adds a variety of colors and dimension that can only be achieved with glass. Combining a pendant made of fused glass together with other beads and a combination of chains or wire can make a very interesting and unique piece of designer jewelry.

Mosaic is something that we usually associate with wall hangings, table tops and floor designs. Taking that thought to a much smaller level – as in nano level – mosaic jewelry becomes an additional element to unique, handcrafted designed jewelry.

Silver is an all time favorite of jewelry designers and fashion jewelry purchasers. Precious metal clay starts out as clay.  After being shaped and fired in a kiln the clay becomes a beautiful piece of jewelry which is fine silver (more silver then sterling silver) yet is handcrafted and very unique.

Please visit my store or get a close up of the  various galleries.  Necklaces, Bracelets or Earrings.


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