Holiday Bazaar featuring Rita Tucker handcrafted items

Holiday Bazaar   Saturday     December 2, 2017   9 am to 4 pm Shop for unique, handcrafted decor and gifts:  pottery, jewelry, ornaments, woodcarvings, lotions,  holiday decor, kitchen items, soft furnishings, tablerunners, greeting cards and more. Featured Artisans:  Dudley Anderson, Sue Beron, … Continue reading

More Montana Images in a variety of necklaces and bracelets

During the last year my single most popular jewelry item has been the necklace with the image of the State of Montana in etched copper.   For the 2015 Made in Montana Trade Show, I decided to expand my offerings … Continue reading

Heart shaped pendants made of recycled copper wire

Once again I have gone searching for copper that can be repurposed.    Electrical copper wire can become a very fun pendant.   I have shaped the wire into hearts.   It seems that no two ever look alike.   The wire twists and turns … Continue reading

Made in Montana Trade Show

Once again I had a booth at the Made in Montana Trade Show in Helena, Montana, in March  2016. The trade show was held at the fairgrounds. Friday is a day for wholesale customers only and Saturday is open to the general public from 9 am to 5 pm.  I displayed a new line of jewelry that I have developed over the winter.  You may visit the Made in Montana website to get more information about the trade show.

Home is where the heart is – Montana?

A friend of mine recently moved out of state.    After being gone for a year, she requested that I make something that would be a Montana symbol that she could wear to remind her of her favorite place – Montana.    I took her comments to heart and got out my sheet of copper metal and metal shears.   After cutting, sanding, etching and drilling, I have created a pendant in the shape of Montana.   The pendant can have a variety of symbols that tug on your heart.     I have etched “Home” into each of these samples.    One has a heart located in a place that designates Western Montana.   The others have a “Grizzly Paw” and a “flower”.   Of course the heart, paw or flower could be located in the part of the state that is special to you.    Of course, each pendant will be slightly different since I am cutting and shaping the metal by hand.   The pendants shown measure approximately 2-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ and are featured on chains that at 18″ to 20″ long.   I have a smaller version that measures approximately 1″ x 1/2″ (not shown).

I hope you enjoy this idea.   If you have any other symbols or ideas that would make the Montana symbol special to you please let me know.  You can “Go Shopping” on my website at

Copper Home Montana Pendant with heartCopper Home Montana pendant with Griz pawBrass Home Montana pendant with flower

Recycled or repurposed materials to create copper fashion jewelry

I have discovered that renovation construction sites and recycling centers are great places to look for supplies for jewelry making. A recycled 1/4″ tube that used to send water to your refrigerator door can become a beautiful bracelet or parts … Continue reading