Chip Carved Juniper

When I am wood carving I don’t use chain saws.   I use small hand-held knives.    My husband Peter spent many years working as a forester which put him out in the woods almost every day.   This piece of juniper was from a tree harvested by my husband up the Blackfoot river drainage near Missoula, Montana, about thirty years ago.    The logs have been drying in our back shed waiting for a special use.   Years later I have incorporated some of that juniper into a centerpiece for a necklace.   Not all of my wood gathering is so romantic.   Some wood pieces I get at the local store selling hardwood or as gifts from friends.   I am using a variety of woods such as walnut, juniper, ebony and purple heart to create jewelry pieces.

Necklace of chip carved juniper on a copper chain

Necklace – copper chain, chip-carved juniper, green stones

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