Heart shaped pendants made of recycled copper wire

wire wrap heart pendantsOnce again I have gone searching for copper that can be repurposed.    Electrical copper wire can become a very fun pendant.   I have shaped the wire into hearts.   It seems that no two ever look alike.   The wire twists and turns and becomes its own design.   Applying heat and hammering also creates different color and surface effect to enhance and change the look of the wire.   Each of the hearts displayed can be hung on a chain to become a necklace.  Enjoy my version of the copper heart.



Heart shaped pendants made of recycled copper wire — 2 Comments

  1. Just love your work. I showed Cindy Jobe my earrings n she loved them, I gave her your contact info. They r down to 4 choices for msla store. Holter museum gift store was interested also when I was in last time. I enjoyed your visit

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I have been very busy filling orders since I last saw you. We enjoyed our stay with you and Byron. Your are a gracious hostess as always.

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