Jewelry designs in copper

My dad gave me my very first bracelet when I was about 7 years old.   It was a copper bracelet made from the copper smelted in Anaconda, Montana.   My dad worked in the smelter then.   Company picnics at the Columbia Gardens in Butte and copper key chains were a familiar summer event.   Now I really like working with copper and find it exciting to see how folding, hammering, etching and stamping can make each bracelet I work on turn out differently.  Adding brass or patina creates yet more dimension to the bracelets.   Using copper I can fashion from narrow bracelets to wide cuffs creating unique handcrafted jewelry.

PeterTucker_20120712__MG_0077PeterTucker_20120712__MG_0082PeterTucker_20121203__MG_4282Cuff Bracelet - folded copper

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